Mileage Tracking Requirements

All program participants must track their miles of use within the Sacramento Federal Non-Attainment Area (SFNA) for each vehicle they have under a SECAT contract. This should be done throughout the life of the contract. Having these records available and up to date will make an audit of your records, if required, go more smoothly.

To facilitate this requirement, you may reference the sample mileage tracking log as an example of the information we will be looking for. If you choose to use a different format to track your mileage, it must contain at a minimum all of the information listed below (also found on the sample form):

  • Date
  • Starting Address/Location
  • Job Address/Location
  • Total Miles Driven
  • Total Miles Driven in SFNA

If you have any questions on how to track vehicle use in the SFNA or have questions about whether or not your current tracking system is adequate, please contact Jaime Lemus at (916) 874-2911 or